non, je ne regret rien
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I’m syncing my phone for the first time in AT LEAST 7 months, and it’s going to take all night which is regrettable considering I work a double tomorrow starting at 11:15. 

What do you want from your life?

I imagine us sitting close, side by side. We aren’t alone in the group, but it feels as though we are; that the whole world has stopped to allow us to be in our own wavelength.
Every breath you take I register as my own, every tightening of your muscles when you move to be closer to me sending my nerves into overdrive. My heart beating heavy, loudly, deliberately.

The intimacy is not intentional while the lust coursing through my veins is nearly visible. I will you to touch my thigh with a soft nudge and a cheeky glance from below my lashes… You oblige.
You must stay discreet.
The warmth of your palm sends shivers through my veins; this must be what passion feels like.

1 month ago moved in - cabernet sauvignon - sam smith
life is good

moved in - cabernet sauvignon - sam smith

life is good

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Do you ever have those moments where you feel completely isolated from the people you care about most in the world, and all you can do is to draw back even further in hopes that someone will prove to you that you aren’t as alone as you feel?

the cover to blow all covers out of the water




Things that are naturally pretty

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A rare sunset rainbow over the ocean

this is breathtaking





A rare sunset rainbow over the ocean

this is breathtaking


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I find it harder and harder every day to not talk about my boyfriend every waking second.
He is, without a doubt, at this moment in my life, the most important person I know. The way he smells, his single dimple, how his facial hair grows in a patch…every single thing he does, and everything he is, means everything to me. I do not even want to imagine a day without him.
The wildest thing is that I can see the truth in his face when he tells me cares about me. I can see that he loves me when he says he loves me, and I am so thoroughly amazed that I ended up being THIS lucky, that I find it hard to keep a straight face when I hear the words come out of his mouth.

Tonight I made a joke about not wanting to deal with his back problems when we’re 30, which turned into us playfully pretending to break up, and then into him saying he doesn’t see why we wouldn’t be together at 30.
That’s 9 years from now. Some days that seems like an eternity and a whole other lifetime away, but in that moment (and even now, thinking about it), it seemed like we could be 30 tomorrow. The time could pass so quickly and I would still be with him and my life would be just as enchanted as it is now.

I am hopelessly, wholeheartedly, completely in love with this incredible human being. And he loves me, too, and there’s no other feeling in the world like this one.

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